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Detour Athlete of the Month


Detour Athlete of the Month

So what makes up a Detour Athlete of the Month?

It’s not the fact that this person Rx’s every workout, lifts the most weight or has perfect nutrition. This is someone who shows up and puts in 110%! They are friendly, outgoing and try their hardest with everything they do.

This individual represents the Detour community.

This month’s athlete of the month is… Bev Klien!

Bev started at Detour Athletics in April 2017.

She joined to become the best version of herself and to challenge herself. Bev is originally from North Dakota and has worked as an RN at Mayo for 13 years. Some of Bev’s goals are to be stronger than she was a year ago and gain confidence with using weights. Bev loves learning about weight training.

She does not have a favorite WOD but is excited when she surprises herself finishing certain WODS. Outside the gym she enjoys running and walking her dog. Bev started paddle boarding within the last couple years, runs 5ks and half marathons and over all just being physically active. She enjoys arts and crafts and working with her hands.

Seven years ago Bev was struggling with her health, come to find she had a tumor and cysts on her kidneys. In 2014, after multiple procedures, the decision was made to take out most of her left kidney. Today Bev has a great bill of health thanks to all the support she has from her family and friends! Bev’s motto to live by is “the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do”.

Her favorite cheat day snack is anything with chocolate!

Bev, it is such a pleasure having you part of our Detour family!

Members, next time you see Bev at the gym give her a high five!

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