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Fitness For You


Fitness For You


One of the biggest set backs I see athletes go through at Detour is the mentality that they’re failing if they’re unable to complete a specific movement, specific weight, or recommended workout.   

This is incredibly defeating and can set the athlete back with their own progress if they’re unable to change that mindset.  

Everyone needs to remember that your path for health and fitness is ever evolving and lifelong. 

The way you approach your workouts at Detour or outside of Detour must be in a way that you’re doing it for you and you alone.  

This means choosing the appropriate weights, movements, and learning to lay off the gas pedal so that you’re always growing versus mentally and physically defeating yourself.  

When you learn to do this, your physical and mental self will grow indefinitely and you will find a lot more happiness with yourself for the long haul.  


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