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The Reset Button


The Reset Button

I had a great conversation today with an awesome member who had a short stretch of poor food choices caused by stress (who hasn’t?)

You know what, that’s pretty normal for all of us and giving yourself some give here and there will allow you to continue to see progress versus beating yourself up and continuing the path of poor decisions

This past week I was on vacation with my family in which the past two days I finally allowed myself to indulge a little. I felt terrible afterwards and the first thing I wanted to do was go in the gym and workout for 5 hours.

But honestly…that didn’t work out and after having a sub par day at the gym, I reflected a bit and just decided to push the “reset button” and move forward.

For me, the reset button is a mental change in how I look at things so it doesn’t affect me so negatively but instead in a positive light.

My reset means that I got to enjoy my vacation and not feel guilty.  I know with myself I can continue to make progress without the guilty conscious of man..”I ate like shit this past weekend”.

I think everyone needs to have the reset button handy here and there..if you don’t…you’re never going to be happy with your journey.

Happy Monday everyone – Reset and get after it!


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