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Training at Detour


Training at Detour

We take our training pretty seriously at Detour Athletics

For the month of October we’ll be entering a new cycle of training we would like to refer to as the “burn” month.

What does this all mean?

-Increased cardiovascular + respiratory endurance + stamina training

Inorder to build an adequate functioning system for future work and recovery, your body needs to be able to put out the work and learn how to recover between sessions.

The best way to do this is to increase the above with specific “Zone” and MAP training that allows for linear and progressive growth versus the repeated “High levels” of intensity that don’t allow proper recovery and therefor training can actually be detrimental to your health/fitness.

We will be using the Polar HR system to help us better gauge “your” intensity and individualize the workouts better for you.

..and the best part?!?

The Burn Block of training will help increase fat loss without losing your strength or fitness gains.

Get ready for a fun month of training!

-Detour Coaching Staff.


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